We are a recently engaged couple that lives in the Rockford area. We grew up across the street from each other from the time we were in middle school.  It is truly one of those love stories that should have been written by Nicholas Sparks.  One of our greatest passions in life is food.  Eating in, dining out, snacking, cooking, baking, etc.  When it comes to eating, we are seasoned veterans.  I know right now you are picturing us to be a ginormous couple that makes a big couch look like a small loveseat, but I promise you this is not the case.  We simply find the delight in different tastes and textures.  Since we began dating four years ago, we have become connoisseurs of cuisines of all kinds.  With this blog, we hope to share our culinary experiences with you.  On here you will find reviews of restaurants in the Rockford and Chicagoland area, recipes, and all other ideas related to food. Enjoy!